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Inventor Becomes Author.

Crown Point, IN: April 26, 2005 - A local inventor has written and self-published an e-book about his experience of taking a conceptual idea through to an actual finished product. He decided to write the e-book after being continually asked questions about the process.

David Catt's e-book titled "Idea to Product Primer" explores what it took to bring the Stand Ready™ brand Inverted Bottle Holder to market. Catt said "This e-book is an overall guide to the process and the many, many decisions to be made". In the e-book, Catt talks about many items from benefits to customer to packaging the product. He also added "The best advice I can give is to do all of your research carefully and find all your cost".

The "Idea to Product Primer" e-book is available on his website at www.standready.biz for eight dollars.

New Product Announcement

Crown Point, Indiana: June 27, 2002 - CTS Innovations, Inc. proudly introduces Stand Ready (tm) brand inverted bottle holder.

Stand Ready (tm) brand inverted bottle holder provides a safe and easy to use way of storing a bottle in the inverted (upside down) position. Stand Ready (tm) gives you convenience and time savings with contents of most bottled products ready to use! Stand Ready (tm) reduces waste by getting the most out of the products we use everyday. Stand Ready (tm) reduces motion required for people with disabilities (such as arthritis). Stand Ready (tm) saves energy by not having to wait for contents to empty from bottle, i.e. shampoo during a hot shower.

Stand Ready (tm) patent pending design fits neatly on a shower shelve or in the corner of the bathtub and makes an attractive kitchen accessory. Discover the uses with your favorite bottled products! Made in the USA! Visit our website at www.standready.biz . Contact us at standready@gmail.com.

CTS Innovations, Inc. firmly believes in protecting the environment. We carefully designed our product to reduce packaging requirements. The Stand Ready (tm) label is printed on a 50% recycled content paper with environmentally friendly ink. Stand Ready (tm) is made from recyclable plastic.

Turning the World Upside-Down, Bottles Anyway.

Crown Point, IN: June 9, 2003 - An out of work mechanical engineer has developed a holder to store bottles upside-down. The idea came to him during a rushed shower. After struggling with the shampoo for the first lather up, he tried to balance the bottle on the cap only to have it fall and land on his foot. He searched for a suitable holder before inventing his own.

David Catt's product called, Stand Ready™ brand Inverted Bottle Holder, supports a wide variety of bottle shapes from ketchup to 2 liter soda pop. Catt pointed out that bottles are ready to use without waiting. The holder's patent pending compact design will sit on a shelve in the shower. The holder will reduce product waste by making it easier to use all the contents of a bottle especially a solid color bottle. People with limited mobility in their hands (such as from arthritis) will appreciate the reduce motion required to use bottled products. The holder helps save time, energy and water during a hot shower. When asked about using the holder for 2 liter pop bottle, Catt said "They hold their fizz longer after opening by making a liquid seal on the cap".

Catt started CTS Innovations, Inc. after the terrible events of 9/11/01 and takes pride in having the holder made in the Scottsburg,IN,USA from recyclable plastic. Currently, the holder is only available through the company website at www.standready.biz for $2.49 each. Catt hopes to have his holder in retail stores soon.

For additional information, Contact us at standready@gmail.com.